Friday, September 14, 2012

Communicating in the Hospital

We are so happy to share a link to downloadable resources that come from the collaborative effort of the Patient Provider Communication Forum, Central Coast Children’s Foundation, Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley, and Widgit Software. These research-based materials were developed to help improve communication in hospital settings.  

The link takes you to the Widgit Health site and is a set of cards with 26 key phrases for patients who use picture symbols to communicate. The cards are printable and available in 20 different languages.

You can access those materials here.


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  2. Often, people who use AAC or who have problems communicating due to hearing loss and other conditions, experience great difficulty when they go to hospitals. They may not have their regular communication aids or those aids may not have sufficient vocabulary for medical situations. The link to materials that we posted in the final line will take you to communication boards that can help in this situation. Hospital-based speech-language pathologists can download those, print them, and use them with patients who are having a hard time communicating with medical personnel. Hope this helps!