Saturday, September 1, 2012

5 Resources for AAC Core Vocabulary Selection

Whether we are creating a communication book, programming an SGD, or customizing and app, we can’t get very far without thinking about core vocabulary. Here are some of the resources we consult in that process.

  1. Normal Language Development, Generative Language & AAC by Gail Van Tatenhove tops the list for the clinically useful material on this topic.

  1. The AAC site at University of Nebraska-Lincoln has some of the most comprehensive lists and covers a wide age range: You can view them here.

  1. Vocabulary for medical procedures, also from UNL

  1. Preschool vocabulary from Frequently Occurring Home and School Words from “Vocabulary Use Patterns in Pre-School Children by Christine Marvin, David Beukelman, and Denise Bilyeu

  1. A brief article on how one school approaches this task: A Few Good Words Using Core Vocabulary to Support Nonverbal Students by Barbara Cannon & Grace Edmond

What sources do you find helpful in selecting core language?

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