Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Awesome App on the Web and it's Free
We have been using  Diigo / Digest of Internet Information) ever since a great presentation by Speech Techie/Sean Sweeny.  I had tried it out about a year previously but obviously did not understand enough about web 2.0 yet.  Well, now I realize what I had been missing and I keep discovering more benefits.  So here are just some of the things we love
What I love Diigo:   
  • Love creating lists with categories and sub-categories of topics to organize the weblinks I find while searching.  Just 1 click and saved.
  • Love sharing a link with a colleague when they request information on a topic that I have talked about. There is no cutting and pasting several different URL's.  
  • Love designating some lists public while others are private. 
  • Love creating groups (which I just started doing). Now, I can share my Diigo PrAACtical AAC- Random Apps of Kindness to alert everyone when I hear about a discounted or free app. I can do this faster than uploading everything to blogger   
  • Love receiving immediate alerts when any changes are made to a group topic.
  • Love the suggested tags
  • Love the Extra's     
What does this have to do with PrAACtical AAC ?
-Check this out: or send us your e-mail and you can be invited to our PrAACtical AAC Random Apps of Kindness group to learn about free apps immediately.
Diigo Extras:
Mobile Apps  
Diigo Reviews

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