Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Holiday Wish List

From now until 2012, here is our holiday wish and present list.We will start philosophically moving to tangible gifts.  We will work hard on making sure we have them ALL by next year.  Here goes the beginning, we  would love these GIFTS...
  • WE would love to have ALL people understand that a comprehensive visual communication and language learning program is STANDARD OF CARE for individuals with significant communication challenges.
  • We would love for ALL people with communication challenges to be given thousands of visual opportunities each day to make choices, request, protest appropriately, vent, tell, ask, negotiate, show off, greet, etc.  
  • We would love to ALL people to USE visual support strategies to help TEACH understanding of complex language concepts and, behavior, organization, and social rules. 
  • We would love to NEVER hear professionals use these phrases again!    "Those visual supports are just crutches", "We can't use that: I want ____ to speak", "He can communicate with PECS, so there's no need to change his communication system," "I don't want her to get lazy", "He is not ready for a high tech device" , "She does not have all the pre-requisite skills."  :( :( :( :( :(                        
  • We would love ALL people to understand that we ALL USE visual supports.

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